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Most feline allergies are caused by a small protein called Fel d1 that is produced in several glands, including the salivary glands. When grooming, Fel d1 becomes airborne and can cause reactions in sensitive persons. The litter box often contains the most Fel d1 because much of this protein comes from the catís anal gland.


Some Siberians have tested low for Fel d1 (as compared to other domestic cats in research done at UC Davis), and many people with cat allergies find they do not react to low-allergen Siberians. For this reason, many websites claim that all Siberians are hypoallergenic. In truth, while this breed may be suitable for some people with cat allergies, it should not be considered absolutely hypoallergenic. CitySiberians participates in Fel d1 saliva testing of its sires and dams using an independent lab, Indoor Biotechnologies, to ensure suitable placement.


Recommendations to reduce reactions to cats in your home include:


If you suffer from cat allergies please visit the Siberian breeder from which you plan to obtain your kitten to test your response and ensure suitability with your lifestyle.


Links to more information about Fel d1: