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What are the advantages of buying from you?

We are a small home cattery and our cats and kittens receive lots of human physical interaction (from both adults and children) to ensure that they have been properly socialized at this critical time in their development. Kittens that come from caged catteries often have behavioral and social problems when interacting with people and other pets. In addition to this, CitySiberians feeds only the highest quality cat foods from Lifeís Abundance. We believe that good nutrition is essential to breeding healthy cats.We comply with TICAís voluntary code of ethics, the Voluntary Responsible Breeder Program (see certificate below).


Does the kitten have a health guarantee?

Yes. Our breeding lines were selected for their low genetic risks and our cats have tested free from common feline diseases (FelV and other contagious diseases). Before leaving our home all kittens are examined by a veterinarian and will be certified free of parasites and disease. Kittens are sold with a one-year warranty against genetic and congenital disorders.Our breeding cats are tested negative for PKD.


Are the kittens pedigreed?

Kittens will be registered with TICA.


Can the cat be left alone most of the day while Iím at work?

Siberians are highly social creatures. If you plan to leave your cat without your companionship for most of the day then you should consider getting two cats. Then they will have each other for company.


Can my cat play outdoors while Iím at work?

CitySiberians places cats to indoor home situations only. This ensures the health, safety, and longevity of a catís life. (It also saves a lot of birds from untimely deaths.)


Help! How do I care for my new kitten?

All kittens will come with a comprehensive kitten care sheet, and CitySiberians will be there to answer any additional questions you might have.


What cat food would you recommend we feed our new kitty?

We now feed Lifeís Abundance grain-free premium cat food to all our cats and kittens. Our kittensí health is very important to us, and premium pet food helps them grow and stay healthy. Lifeís Abundance contains top-quality ingredients, and carries a guarantee of freshness (less than eight weeks old when shipped) that we have not seen matched. We believe this is a superior product, with a company standing behind it deserving of trust. Lifeís Abundance has never issued a recall in their seventeen-year history. They are also refreshingly transparent about their products and easy to contact.


Link to Lifeís Abundance website