Mittens (a.k.a. Anastasia)


My family and I had such a wonderful experience with City Siberians. Our kitten is everything that the breeder boasts about on the site. Our kitten is so loveable, has a sweet disposition and is so much fun. She loves to greet us, to be around us, and to play fetch. She adapted so easily to her forever home. We believe our kitten had such a positive, loving environment during her first 12 weeks of life with City Siberians. It was very evident that the kittens were well loved and cared for as well as being very well socialized. The breeder also had all vet documentation ready for us. Our vet had even called her a “healthy and very confident kitten”. The breeder is very kind and welcoming and exhibited so much love for the kittens and for the queen and king. The breeder was also very understanding and helpful as we were concerned about my cat allergies. Happily, I can say that I have had no allergic reactions to our kitten. City Siberians is a remarkable breeder and would highly recommend them.

— Erik & Kristen S.




Antiko (“Tiko”)


My experience with City Siberians was positive from the start.  When I came to visit the litter, I met both parents Alekseii and Darcy and was immediately drawn to their affectionate personalities.  I had the choice between two male kittens, and I found it very difficult to make a decision.  Nina was very supportive and assured me that I couldn’t go wrong with either one.  I initially picked Tiko because of his adorable face and I’m glad that I did, because he has proved to be a wonderful cat.  What I wanted most was a companion animal, and that is exactly what I got with him.  He is bold, inquisitive, and nothing seems to faze him – everyone who meets him thinks he must be part dog!  I can attribute Tiko’s disposition to the wonderful personalities of his parents, Darcy and Alekseii, as well as to the love and attention provided from his human family.  Tiko is so well socialized and well adjusted, that the moment he came home with me at just three months old, he boldly walked out of his carrier, introduced himself to everyone, and immediately took charge of the room.  I couldn’t be happier with Tiko and I have City Siberians to thank for providing me with such a loving and loyal companion.

— Elizabeth O.




Emily & Tasha (a.k.a. Baiyli & Babochka)


A very professional cattery. Nina delivers healthy and beautifully socialized Siberians. We are the proud owners of two of them and simply could not have asked for more. They are healthy, well behaved and loving. They have enriched our lives. One of us is asthmatic and after two months there have been little or no issues with them.


I would not hesitate to recommend City Siberians to anyone interested in these beautiful cats.

— Noreen & Douglas G.

Falmouth, MA




Leeloo (a.k.a. Baikal)


I can't thank City Siberians enough for bringing Leeloo into my life. From the first time I visited the cattery to now months after bringing Leeloo home, Nina has been both supportive and a constant source to turn to for information.  My cat is so loving and it is because of all the love and attention Nina and her family give to each of their kittens.  They are raised as part of the family and are instilled early with warm social skills.  I am considering getting Leeloo a sister or a brother from the next litter!

— Nahid




Finn (a.k.a. Veron)


Today Veron (now known as Finn) and I returned from our first visit to the veterinarian.  Finn did so well!  He was pronounced wonderfully healthy physically, and emotionally confident, not to mention extremely beautiful.  My vet was so impressed that he showed Finn to other people in the practice. Before we left he asked for breeder information in case someone he knows is interested in a Siberian.


My entire experience with City Siberians and Nina was positive.  She provides a warm family environment for the kittens who come to their new home expecting to be loved. My kitten is spectacular in every way.  He is curious, playful, gentle, snuggly, and purrs beautifully. He helps me at the computer and plays the piano with me. What a wonderful companion! He and my big greyhound are already fond of each other and it is very sweet to see them interact. He has crawled over a family member and friend, both of whom have allergies to cats, and neither had any reaction (except to love him).


I feel very fortunate to have encountered Nina and her expertise with Siberian cats.


UPDATE: I just saw your beautiful new litter!  They are splendid.  I hope all of them bring as much joy as Finn (Veron) has brought to my house.  He is growing so fast, is smart, affectionate, very funny and playful. He purrs nearly constantly and "helps" with everything I do. Here is a picture of him on his favorite window perch.  I love him dearly.  How fabulous for me that I found your wonderful cattery.  I can never thank you enough.


As an aside, four people with cat allergies have visited me and had no reaction whatsoever.  Finn climbed all over them too.

— Elaine M.

Dedham, MA


* Allergic responses vary by individual and we recommend visiting the cattery from which you plan to adopt a kitten.